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Snuggled in for the winter

Here is my weakest horizontal hive on January 28, 2022. I am surprised to see a healthy amount of dead bees in the snow. The weather has been exceptionally cold, so this is a good sign. The other horizontal hive has even more dead bees in the snow around it. As you can see below here:

The vertical hive has fewer bees in front on the snow, but it does seem to have an opening the bees have made in the snow at the lower entrance. They do have an upper entrance. I try to clear snow from the lower entrance, but it is hard to do, especially when the snow keeps blowing. The windbreak of the fence seems to be doing a great job. We added a new section behind the tan long hive this summer. So far, so good. It appears all three hives have signs of life. I make it a practice to not disturb them at all except to observe from the outside and maybe clear a little snow from the entrance in the winter.


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