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Dairy Goats


We have been keeping dairy goats since 2005.  

Here are the breedings for our 2021 kidding season.

It took awhile for our goats to come in heat this year, we don't know if that means a hard winter or not!

On October 26, 2020 we bred Pepper, our two year old Lamancha doe to Buddy, our own young half Nubian/half Lamancha buck born on our farm this spring. The due date is March 25, 2021.

On October 27, 2020 we bred Molly, our 3/4 black Nubian to Gideon, our big black Lamancha buck. The due date is March 26, 2021.

On November 3, 2020 we bred Caramel, our yearling half Lamancha, half Nubian to Billy, our young Lamancha buck born on our farm this spring. Just to make sure we also brought out Gideon. Due date would be April 2, 2021.

We have a new baby buck!

Nicholas came to us from Creighton Dairy Goat farm in Stanwood, MI. He is a pure Nubian, and was born on 12-21-20. He will be ready to breed our does by this fall, and will bring ears back into our herd for the 2022 kidding season.


We teach cheesemaking classes, both soft and hard as well as goat milk soap classes.  If you would like to schedule classes at the farm, contact us.  If you would like to schedule a class for your group or organization, I can take all my classes on the road. More specifics on when I am offering classes and prices and descriptions are on my class page.

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