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Here is a fun video of us feeding our ten 2022 kids on a bottle bucket.

Dairy Goats


We have been keeping dairy goats since 2005.  

Kidding season 2023 is complete!














October 14, 2022 we bred Lilac, our Lamancha doe to Gideon our black Lamancha buck. Expected kidding date: 3-13-23. Lilac had a single boy on 3-13-23.  All are well.


November 10, 2022 we bred Hyacinth our Lamancha/Nubian cross yearling doe to our new Nubian buck, Nicholas. We hope to get some ear babies from this breeding. Expected kidding date: 4-9-23. Hyacinth had triplets on 4-7-23. She had two girls and a boy. The girls are a little weak, but seem to be fine, the boy is great.

October 21, 2022 we bred Petunia, our Nubian/Lamancha cross doe to Billy, our colorful Lamancha buck. Expected kidding date: 3-20-23. Petunia kidded 3-21-23. Her first kid was large and born dead, but she had two more healthy boys.

October 22, 2022 we bred Molly, our Nubian/Lamancha cross doe to Buddy, our Nubian/Lamancha cross buck. We hope to get some ears from this breeding as well. Expected kidding date: 3-21-23. Molly had triplets on 3-20-23. She had two boys and one girl. The boys both have long ears! The girl has "flipper" ears. All are well

Goats for sale:

We will be selling any male kids and all but two of the female kids that are born this year. Our goat genetics are carefully selected for size, vigor, long lactations and solid milk production for home dairy. All kids will be $200 each this year. I prefer to sell kids in pairs because they are herd animals and need companionship. We do make exceptions for breeding bucks. They may go alone. 


We teach cheesemaking classes, both soft and hard as well as goat milk soap classes.  If you would like to schedule classes at the farm, contact us.  If you would like to schedule a class for your group or organization, I can take all my classes on the road. More specifics on when I am offering classes and prices and descriptions are on my class page.

Want to support our dairy goat herd and get some fresh, raw goat milk? Sign up for a herd share today!

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