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Goats for sale

We have two buck kids for sale at this time. Both were born in March of 2024. They are both large and will be able to breed by fall.

Linus was born March 30, 2024. His mother is one of my highest milking does. His father is a purebred Nubian buck. He carries the best genetics of my herd. We breed and select for long lactations, good health, easy kidding, good milk production, gentle temperaments and large size. We are asking $200 for him, or if the buyer takes him and Charlie, $300 for both. Craiglist posting has more details.

Charlie was born March 27, 2024. His mother is the mother of Linus' mother and has been consistently the highest milker in the herd. She is a Lamancha/Nubian cross and his father is also a Lamancha/Nubian cross. Both are very large goats. Charlie is exceptionally large and will definitely be ready to breed by fall. He also carries all the best genetics of my herd as listed above. Price is also $200 if he goes alone, $300 for both Charlie and Linus together. More details on the Craigslist posting.

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