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Storing Veggies For Winter


This year we had a nice crop of root vegetables.  Snow arrived early - November 9, 2018.  We hadn't harvested everything yet at that point.  Just before the snow we harvested carrots, turnips,celeriac, and four varieties of kale. After the snow, I went out and finished harvesting beets and rutabagas.  We had already harvested potatoes and sweet potatoes.  Pictured on the left, starting at the back of the picture: potatoes in burlap rice bags and paper bags, turnips in a cardboard box covered with sand, then two bushel baskets of rutabagas covered with sand, then one bushel basket of carrots covered with sand, and lastly a plastic bin of sweet potatoes covered with sand.  Extra sand is next to the bins in case we need it.  These are in my "cheese cave" which is an unfinished room in the basement which is insulated.  It stays between 48 and 60 degrees year 'round.  It doubles as a root cellar as you can see.

The picture on the right is our "milk fridge" in the basement. We put kale in plastic bins on the top shelves in the picture.  Below that is beets in a plastic bin, carrots in a large plastic zip lock bag, celery below that in a plastic bin, celeriac in a plastic bag and cabbage in a plastic bag.  We try to leave the bins and bags slightly open to allow ventilation, except for the kale, it will dehydrate too quickly.

This is the first year we are trying the sand in the cheese cave.

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