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Abbott Farms Classes

Descriptions of classes and fees are:

Soft Cheesemaking - Mozzarella and Ricotta - a 3 hour class $30.  You go home with samples of both cheeses.

Hard Cheesemaking - This is a second level class, I like you to have already taken my Mozzarella class, or someone else's first.  We will go through all the steps of making hard, aged cheese and you take some home.  This is a four hour class and costs $35.

Lip balm - a way to use your beeswax!  This is a one hour class and costs $15.  It can be combined with lotion bars for $20 total and you get samples of your products to take home.

Lotion bars - another use for beeswax, also 1 hour and $15, but as stated above can be combined with lip balm for $20.

Goat milk soap making - This is also an hour class for $15.  We do use lye and protective gear, so be aware of that.  This may not be suitable for very young children.  You will have to come back in a few days for your soap after it has partially cured.


Sewing classes - This is in the experimental stage! I would like to start with an apron project, then move on to a garment/project of the student's choice. Classes would be $15 an hour including materials for the apron class, then the student would need to buy their own patterns/materials for their next project. The advanced project would be on a drop in/scheduled basis and I would charge $10 an hour for use of my machines and technical help.

All participants will receive recipes and resource lists so you can feel confident to go home and make the products yourself.  These products would make great holiday presents for family and friends, especially if you use your own hive products to make them!

Also - if you are a part of a group or organization that would like me to present one of these classes, or give a beekeeping presentation of any type, please contact me.  I can take all my classes on the road and I have given all types of beekeeping presentations to all kinds of groups - I have also done presentations on goats, chickens, canning and homesteading.  



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