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Beekeeping Resources



American Bee Journal, 51 S. 2nd St., Hamilton, IL 62341,


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Taylor, Richard.  The Joys of Beekeeping.  Interlaken, NY:  Linden Books, 1984.






I would like to express my deep appreciation to the individuals and publishing companies that have re-printed the historic works that are cited here.  Without those re-prints it is very difficult to get the valuable information contained in these texts.  Originals of these works are 100 or more years old and are rare and often fragile if they can be obtained at all in print form.  Some of the more contemporary texts have been updated, such as ABC & XYZ of Bee Culture and First Lessons in Beekeeping, but these updates often reflect the very prejudices I am trying to dispel, so I recommend the older versions.  The varroa mite entered the American beekeeping scene in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s depending on the region.  Books written prior to that time have more level-headed beekeeping information in my opinion than those written later.  However, literature written prior to 2006 has a lot of good information in it as well.  After 2006 and the advent of “CCD”, desperation set in and most of what has been published or updated since has been heavily skewed toward chemical controls.  I personally like to have hard, print copies of books, so I am grateful for the publishers that have recognized the value of historic books and have made them available to the general public in print form.


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