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Abbott Farms Products and Services

We have seasonally available produce and honey and also personal care products available year 'round.  We also have goats for sale, babies in the early summer and also adult milking does from time to time.  We have farm fresh eggs available most of the year.  We offer classes in cheesemaking, soapmaking, lip balm and lotion/lotion bars.  We also do programs and demonstrations for clubs, organizations, schools and libraries on bees and beekeeping or any other of our farming areas. We run a CSA through the growing season.

Abbott Farms products


We have lip balm, goat milk and honey soap, lotion, lotion bars and special order shampoo, all made right here on our farm.  For prices and availability, please go to the "Contact Us" page and send us an email or give us a call.  We sell directly from our farm.



We have chicken eggs available most of the time, we charge $4.00 a dozen.  Please email or call ahead to make sure we have what you need. 

CSA shares are available until the end of March, when we close our registration.


Goat milk herd shares are available year-round.

Classes and programs

We offer classes here at the farm and also at other locations on request.  Classes offered are:  cheesemaking, both soft and hard cheeses, soap, lip balm, lotion/lotion bars.  Other classes may be added upon request. 


We are happy to come and do presentations for your group or organization on bees, beekeeping, our farm, chickens, goats or homesteading. 


Farm tours are available for groups on request. 


Please contact us by email or phone to make arrangements for any of these services.  

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