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Dairy Goat Herd Shares

Welcome to our Abbott Farms dairy goat herd share page!

During the spring, summer, and fall months, our wonderful dairy goats produce lots more milk than our family can consume, even though we make a lot of it into cheese for the winter. Unfortunately, since we are too small to afford becoming a Grade A dairy, we can't legally sell our milk either wholesale or resale.

However, in the State of Michigan, it is legal to sell raw milk herd shares. This means that you buy a share of our goat herd, and then we give you the milk that your share produces. We've streamlined the process so that you are in effect just paying us per gallon of milk, but you are required to sign a herd share agreement before you can actually take any milk home.

A herd share, like a CSA, is one of the best ways you can support your local farmers. It guarantees that you will be able to get milk each week, and assures us that we will have a market for our milk. 

Our raw milk is delicious (no "goaty" flavor) and tastes like extra-good quality cow milk. Some people who have trouble digesting pasteurized, homogenized cow's milk find that they they can enjoy raw goat milk with no negative side effects. Raw milk also makes excellent cheese and yogurt. Plus, by purchasing a herd share from our farm, you are helping to provide a home for our healthy, happy goats and not supporting giant mega-dairies.

2024 herd shares are available now; check out our fact sheet for more information. When you're ready to sign on, print out our herd share agreement and stop by our farm to get your first share of fresh goat milk!

If you have any questions about our herd shares that aren't answered in the fact sheet, please send us an email! We'll be happy to answer your questions!

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