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Pollen coming in!

I was not able to capture a picture of actual pollen on my bees' pollen baskets, but I did see it, lots of it. The early maples are pollinating now. Other bees, like this one must be collecting nectar, because you can see she doesn't have anything in her pollen baskets, yet she was obviously collecting something, moving from one flower to another. Although the landscape still may look barren, there are things blooming and pollinating, and the bees know how to find them. My hive is very active right now, and has been appreciating the warm weather. I took the opportunity to clean up some old structures around my apiary and I got one empty hive set up in preparation for new bees. I have also set up a third spot for a vertical hive. One will house a split from this hive, the other a new nuc from Mary Bouma.


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