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Oh How Sweet it is!!!

I had put this frame back in the hive for later. Later came today. I checked all three hive. The one pictured is full 2/3 of the way back. I took three full frames of honey out, moved full frames from further forward to the back, and filled in with empty or frames that weren't completely full. All the empty frames I had put up forward the last time I checked, about two weeks ago, were completed and full of honey, but not fully capped. Keep in mind that all the frames in this hive are empty foundationless frames! But it did start as a large swarm, so it was strong to begin with. We finally got some significant rain - 2.5 inches - this past weekend. I had a piece of honey comb that fell out of a frame that I took inside to try. It is a beautiful, light, delicate honey, most likely clover or alfalfa. I didn't taste any basswood in it, but it is really new, and the basswood has been done blooming for over a month, so that makes sense.

The blue long hive is halfway back now, starting from a nuc in early June. It has capped honey as well. The vertical hive has filled its two bottom boxes, but was not liking the super I put on of empty foundationless frames. So, I put on a super with half drawn comb under that one, and we will see what they do with that. Hopefully fill it with honey!

For our August field day on 8-19-23, we will check all three hives, collect at least three frames of honey from the tan hive, and extract! The three frames I took today will be extracted and bottled in advance of a trip to Maine my two daughters are taking in two weeks' time. They plan to visit Elliot Coleman while they are there, and we REALLY wanted to be able to gift him with a jar of Abbott Farms honey!!!


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