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What a nice day!

Today was a beautiful 80 degree day with no humidity, a nice break from some really hot, humid weather we have been having. It has been three weeks since I have made it out here. The bees have been busy. The white hive with the first nuc has built out 19 deep frames completely. The last seven or eight of those are full of honey. It is mostly capped, but not all the way, so I did not collect any today. I want to make sure the honey is at proper moisture level with the high humidity and rain levels we have had this year. I can wait. It will be worth it!

This hive, the blue hive, is a month behind the white hive. It is covering 13 frames and they were calm and happy. I decided not to open the entrance further, they didn't seem to be bearding or having trouble getting enough bees in at a time.

I brought my smoker, but still didn't feel the need to even light it. I am so happy to be back to fun beekeeping! This horizontal hive makes it so easy, it barely seems like I do anything! I passed a location on my way to the hives that another beekeeper alerted me to where there are a lot of hives. I clocked it and I am still 17 miles away from there. I can tell my bees are not stressed and have plenty of forage. They are happy bees! Next time I go I will most likely be collecting honey!

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