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So glad I moved!

Here was the first nuc I installed as it looked about a week ago. It had several frames of honey that were not yet capped. It has been a wet year. The second nuc was covering around nine frames and there were eggs and young larva, so the queen is definitely there. I can hardly believe the difference a few miles makes. These hives are building up like my hives always did in the past.

Earlier this week I noticed a honey bee in my yard. I hadn't seen any for a while. Two of my girls were taking a walk down the road past one of the locations where the commercial beekeeper puts hives. They noticed they had returned. Just to confirm my suspicions, I drove around the block to look at a new location where the commercial beekeeper had bought land. I found them unloading a trailer of bees. I have no idea how many hives they put there. The next day I checked the gravel pit adjacent to my property and those hives were back as well. So, I know for sure I did the right thing moving my hives. Another person mentioned that hives were kept at the local ski resort as well. I haven't looked there yet...

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