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Still Buzzing...

Today I finally got over to my hives and put the notched inner covers back on for upper entrances and put the spacers in with insulation for the winter. I also put a notched inner cover back in the long hive for an alternative entrance. All three were buzzing. It was too cold for anyone to be out - it was 36 degrees! All three hives had dead bees at the entrance. I assume that is a good thing - cleaning out the dead bees. A dead hive can't do that, so the entrance will be clean. Like I said, all three were making buzzing noises, especially the more I moved things around. Only this hive - the small one - had any visible bees, the cluster was too far down in the other two. I may try to feed this one at a point. I have a top feeder and can put 2:1 sugar water in it. The reason we use 2:1 in the fall/winter is because that that concentration it has to be really really cold for it to freeze. I figure it can't hurt.

So, my current plan is to move my hives to Hickory Corners sometime in the spring. I will move them before the commercial beekeeper arrives back in Michigan, so to be safe, probably before April 15th, if I can.

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