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Lovin' My Bees on Valentine's Day

Live bee on Valentine's Day

We have had a tremendous amount of snow in the past week. At one point we had almost two feet on the ground. Today the sun shone and it was around 47 degrees. The snow was really melting fast in sunny areas. However, where the beehives are located, it is a bit protected. Of course the lane had not been plowed and there was the pile of snow from the snowplow blocking the entrance. I put the truck in high four and gunned it. It went right up to the hives, good old truck! I got it turned around, then got out to look at the hives closely. At first I didn't see any bees flying, so I was worried, but then I saw fresh dead bees in the snow around both hives. As I stepped closer to the hive to shoot this picture, I was buzzed by two bees coming out to this hive, which is the two story hive. I then looked more closely at the other hive and saw one or two bees fly into the entrance. As I left, I took a picture of a poor bee struggling in the snow. She probably didn't make it, but the fact that she was alive proves the hives are still alive at this point.

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