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So far, so good...

Friday January 26, 2018 was a mild, Michigan day. It got up to 50 degrees and there was sunshine. It was breezy, but I figured the bees would still be flying if they were alive. Now that I have to drive six miles over to the hives, I always wonder what I will find when I get there. I was relieved to find this:

bees flying on 1-26-18

Both hives had bees flying in and out. I went a bit early, by later there were probably even more. So, for now, they are both still alive. This hive has the top feeder, so if I am worried later on, I can add sugar water to the top. I felt it was too risky to open the lid on that day. In a month or so, on a mild day I will come prepared with some sugar water and see if it needs more.

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