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surviving vertical hive

Well, today was really nice and warm, though not particularly sunny. I had decided to re-fill sugar water and make sure everyone had enough food today before our little stretch of incredible weather comes to an end this weekend. The hive pictured is next to the dead horizontal hive, which I had left a gallon chicken waterer filled with sugar water in. That was pretty much empty today, so I decided to re-fill it. I also made sure they could get to the sugar water in the top of the hive by opening up the little holes in the lids of the sugar water buckets in the top of the hive. The GOOD NEWS - this hive was bringing in pollen!! Unbelievable, this is February 22nd in Michigan! So, then I went to look at the hive I decided was alive at my other piece of property. It did not look the same. No organized activity, just stray bees coming in and out, and importantly - no pollen. The dead hive near it has sugar water and honey on it and was not robbed out. So, I decided that the hive is actually dead, those are just robbers hanging around, which would explain why there was no activity later in the day on that hive. Oh well, I guess you can't win them all. Its queen was going through its second winter, so I guess she just didn't make it. The other good news is that the other hive across the street was also taking in pollen! Two shades, a light yellow and tan. So, the total is two live hives. I will be able to replace my own, but not sure I can help others this year.

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