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First part of the transition...

Athough it felt more like January than the end of March today, it was sunny and dry. Tom Treuhaft came over to the apiary with his nice mini-van and we were able to move all the Kalamazoo Bee Club's equipment out of the shed so they can take it to their new apiary site at WMU. The shed will move at a later date, but it is empty and all ready.

In spite of the cold and windy weather (air temp in the 20's wind chill in the teen's), we did see bees coming in and out of both the long hive and the larger hive with the foam insulation. From looking on the outside, I am guessing the middle hive is dead. The dead bees in the entrance are not cleared out and there were no live bees at any of the entrances today and there were on the other two.

When the daffodils bloom, we will take a peek inside. I will send an email out so if anyone wants to come out and peek with us at that point, you may.


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