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Sustainable cooking for the sustainable farm


The beginning of being a sustainable, low impact person is to start cooking from scratch in your own kitchen.  At first you may need to buy ingredients from elsewhere, but eventually you may find you can produce much of what you use to cook.  It doesn't matter, just get started.  You will be amazed at the flavor and variety you can produce in your own kitchen!


     Here at Abbott Farms we strive to make most of what we eat and to use mostly what we produce. We still buy some things like juice and fruit, but those are luxuries we could definitely live without (we could also eat our own preserved fruit in the winter and make our own juice if we wanted to). We do not eat processed food in our house (or at least not much of it). Sometimes this complicates things when we want to use other people's recipes because we end up having to make half of the ingredients before we can start on the recipe (for instance, a recipe that calls for frozen meatballs, canned tomato sauce, frozen bread dough and a packet of Italian spice mix). Other things that we do differently in our kitchen are that we use only whole wheat flour and also do not use shortening. We also use honey instead of sugar almost all the time.  So, the recipes here on this site have everything made from scratch and are designed to be delicious when made with whole wheat flour. Cooking sustainably is something that you have to get used to, but the rewards are wonderful!

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