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Bees, Honey and Beeswax


We have been keeping bees since spring of 2005.  After a difficult period of years struggling with competition from a commercial beekeeper, I believe we are turning the corner.  For the 2020 season I had only one hive, but back on my own property. It did very well. I had it in the Long Langstroth hive that is double walled. It built up very strong in the spring of 2021 and actually swarmed in late April. I purchased a new nucleus hive and put one frame of brood from that in the overwintered hive, which had a mated queen the beginning of May, which was incredible. Both the new nuc and the overwintered hive took off and built up nicely.  The new nuc was in a traditional vertical hive. I installed a second nuc the end of May in a second Long Langstroth.  I had actually swapped the hives, so the overwintered colony was now in the single walled hive and the new nuc in the double walled hive. The commercial beekeeper placed 60 - 100 hives next to my property, but did not place any in his former location a mile away, which I took as a good sign that he is reducing. I collected enough honey for my winter stores and left enough for the bees for theirs.

Upcoming Classes:


You may schedule a class in lip balm, lotion bars, soap, lotion or cheese making by contacting us and we can bring the class to your location or you may come to the farm. Any classes that are on the schedule will be posted on the "classes" page.

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