Bees, Honey and Beeswax


We have been keeping bees since spring of 2005.  After a difficult period of years struggling with competition from a commercial beekeeper, I believe we are turning the corner.  For the 2020 season I had only one hive, but back on my own property. It did very well, we will see how it overwinters. My neighbors who are dairy farmers planted a pollinator strip along their cornfield adjacent to my property, and I believe it really helped my bees this year. It filled in the gap to give enough forage for my bees and the over 100 nearby hives placed by the commercial beekeeper. Going into winter, my bees look good.  I used one of my long hives, the double walled one for this year.

Upcoming Classes:


You may schedule a class in lip balm, lotion bars, soap, lotion or cheese making by contacting us and we can bring the class to your location or you may come to the farm. Any classes that are on the schedule will be posted on the "classes" page.